Benchmaster BMBMR BenchMaster (Cadillac)

Benchmaster BMBMR BenchMaster (Cadillac)
Benchmaster BMBMR BenchMaster (Cadillac)
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Benchmaster BMBMR BenchMaster (Cadillac)
BenchMaster (Cadillac) The BenchMaster Rifle rest is the sturdiest, most durable and functional rest on the market. The steel construction, quality powder coating and durable cowhide pouch and front rest bags guarantee a lifetime of satisfaction. This product reduces recoil, protects your firearm and ensures fast, accurate shot group.


- 1 1/2" Vertical Micro-Adjustment
- 3 quick height adjustments
- Ergonomic tension knob loosens to make adjustments
- Real American cowhide front rest bags and butt stock pouch protect your firearm and provides extra recoil absorption
- Weighs only 9 lbs.
- Easy to carry
- Soft, yet durable leather front bag and stock holder

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