Antler King PEAS1 Peas

Antler King PEAS1 Peas
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Product Description

Antler King PEAS1 Peas
Food Plot Seed The Antler King brand Peas can be planted on their own or mixed with virtually any seed blend. These peas will grow the best when planted with other Fall species like soybeans, as the peas will vine up and wrap around the soybean stem.


- Ideal pH range 6.0 to 7.0
- Protein can be 20% to 30%
- Plant seeds 1" deep
- Use with Antler King Plot Max soil conditioner and Antler King Jolt Foliar Fertilizer


- Pack Size 1 lb.
- 1 lb. covers 1/60 acre
- Best planted August through October for a Fall hunt plot

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