Antler King RAD1 Radish

Antler King RAD1 Radish
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Product Description

Antler King RAD1 Radish
Food Plot Seed Grow bigger bucks and healthier herds with an assortment of 1-lb. Antler King Food Plot seed varieties.

Radish Fast-growing warm- or cold-season food source with "greens" contain 20-30% protein, vitamins and plenty of tonnage. The tap-root can grow 24-30" and provide nutrients and natural tillage. A hard frost creates increased sugar content along with deer activity and consumption. Can be mixed with grains or other brassicas. Covers approximately 1/10 acre.


- Plant as stand-alone or with other varieties
- Drought and weather tolerant
- High-protein food source
- Individual 1-lb. packages


- Size Pack 1 lb.
- Planting season Spring (50 ground temp.) to Oct.
- Coverage approximately 1/10 acre

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