Antler King TURN1 Turnips

Antler King TURN1 Turnips
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Product Description

Antler King TURN1 Turnips
Food Plot Seed Grow bigger bucks and healthier herds with an assortment of 1-lb. Antler King Food Plot seed varieties.

Turnip plant in July through September to get a food plot delivering up to 20% protein. Deer start by consuming greens and return to eventually dig out and eat the turnip bulb. Can be mixed with other forage such as clover, chicory or other cereal grains. Covers approximately 1/5 acre.


- Plant as stand-alone or with other varieties
- Drought and weather tolerant
- High-protein food source
- Individual 1-lb. packages


- Size Pack 1 lb.
- Planting season July-Sept.
- Coverage approximately 1/5 acre

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