Antler King BEET1 Sugar Beets

Antler King BEET1 Sugar Beets
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Product Description

Antler King BEET1 Sugar Beets
Food Plot Seed Antler King Brand Sugar Beets offer a great addition to your hunting property as deer will be attracted to the highly nutritious and easily digested forage and roots. Planted in the Spring or Summer Sugar Beets are an irresistible food source that will keep deer on your property through the Fall and Winter. The protein-filled leafy greens offer early season food and the energy-filled roots offer an important nutrition source post maturity. Sugar Beets are a hardy crop that can adjust to a variety of soil conditions (sandy, loam, clay, etc.) but prefer a pH between 6.0-8.0 with good drainage and periodic moisture. Sugar Beets do not compete well with other plant varieties, so they are best planted on their own and do best when weed competition is eliminated prior to planting. Planting recommendations include till, culti-pack, broadcast seed and cultipack.


- Sugar Beets work best as a stand alone crop
- Fantastic food source for whitetail deer
- Ideal pH of 6.0-8.0
- Seed depth 1/4'-1/2?


- Pack Size 1 lb.
- 1 lb. covers 1/8 acre
- Planting Season Spring and Summer

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