Benjamin Sheridan BUH22RPNM-SX Mag-Fire Ultra (Black)Multi-Shot,.22,Scpe

Benjamin Sheridan BUH22RPNM-SX Mag-Fire Ultra (Black)Multi-Shot,.22,Scpe
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Benjamin Sheridan BUH22RPNM-SX Mag-Fire Ultra (Black)Multi-Shot,.22,Scpe
Mag-Fire Ultra Air Rifle Great for varmint hunting, the Benjamin MAG-FireTM Ultra Air Rifle allows for rapid reloading and quick follow-up shots thanks to its Nitro Piston Elite power plant, advanced auto-loading feature, and 10-round magazine. With each break of the barrel, the Air Rifle automatically reloads, allowing you to quickly shoot again. Plus, it even comes with Benjamin's SBD Sound Suppression System and CenterPoint 4x32mm Scope for quiet, accurate shooting.


- 10x-auto-loading magazine for quick follow up shots
- Empty magazine indicator
- SBD market leading sound suppression
- Rifled barrel
- CenterPoint 4x32 mm scope
- Sling Mounts


- CenterPoint 4x32 mm scope


- Caliber .22
- Action Break barrel
- Power Plant Nitro Piston Elite
- 30-lb. cocking effort
- 23 ft.-lbs. kinetic energy
- Capacity 10 rounds
- Stock Synthetic
- Muzzle Velocity 1,150 FPS (lead), 1,400 FPS (alloy)
- Trigger Type 2-stage
- Overall Length 45.5"
- Weight 9 lbs.
- Ammo Type Pellets

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