Allen Cases 17651 RIFLE AMMO POUCH - BLACK

Allen Cases 17651 RIFLE AMMO POUCH - BLACK
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Product Description

Allen Cases 17651 RIFLE AMMO POUCH - BLACK
Ammunition Shell Holder Pouches Developed to be the perfect ammo pouch, the Allen Rifle Ammo Pouch will ensure you've got simple admission to your further ammo. A high quality ammunition pouch is an ideal option to ensure that you have the ammo you need to be triumphant in virtually any situation. And thanks to the Allen Rifle Ammo Pouch, access to a quality ammunition carrying pouch has never been more cost-effective. In an effort to make certain you possess the best in ammo pouches, these Ammo Pouches from Allen are created with the types of top quality materials that you've come to expect from this impressive business. For an tremendously long period of time, Allen has been a famous name in the shooting community, and the Allen Rifle Ammo Pouch is the outcome of their devotion to supplying the consumer the very best of the best. For a good way to ensure you are working by incorporating of the finest gear that the tactical community is providing, decide on the Allen Rifle Ammo Pouch.


- Opens Quietly
- Slide Release Closure
- Attaches to Any Belt
- (4) Rifle Shell Loops


- Type Rifle
- Color Black

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