Berkley 1487204 BHBWB60-BNE Bone 60 (2/5 oz) Floating

Berkley 1487204 BHBWB60-BNE Bone 60 (2/5 oz) Floating
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Product Description

Berkley 1487204 BHBWB60-BNE  Bone 60 (2/5 oz) Floating
WakeBull Hard Bait Offering a tempting surface waking action at any speed, the Berkley WakeBull combines the popular Squarebull body with a shallow pitched bill and tail wagging action. Itís bill and well-balanced design not only allows it to deflect off surrounding cover but also allows it to be fished at higher speeds without blowouts. WakeBullís sound resonance chamber amplifies the knocking sound with each wag of the tail that entices the curiosity of surrounding fish.

Scott Suggs Pro Tip Ideal for use over shallow grass beds and wood. Steady reel or use a Stop and go retrieve to trigger strikes.


- Alluring tail wag at a variety of speeds
- Tapered back adds flash and surface disturbance
- Distinct one knock sound for added attract ion
- Equipped with sharp Fusion19 hooks


- Length 2 1/2"
- Size 2/5 oz
- Depth Topwater
- Hook Size 6
- Number of Hooks 2
- Color Bone
- Quantity Package of 1

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