Browning 1601100243 PV1000, Pistol Vault

Browning 1601100243 PV1000, Pistol Vault
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Product Description

Browning 1601100243 PV1000, Pistol Vault
Pistol Vault Tough, safe-like security. Whether keeping a handgun available for instant protection from bad guys or keeping cash and small valuables secure, trust a Browning ProSteel pistol vault. These feature-packed vaults have sturdy steel walls and include safe-like security measures for superior protection from break-in.

The PV1000 is made from tough 14 gauge steel and features a programmable 4-button electronic lock that will allow you to easily and quickly gain access to your home protection firearm or other valuables.


- Electronic 4-button touchpad - Easily program a personal code to offer ready access to handguns and small valuables. Uses eight AA batteries (not included).
- LED lighting - Bright LED lighting illuminates the interior, making it easy to locate the pistol vault's content at night or in a closet.
- Locking bolts - A pair of tough ½" diameter locking bolts secure the lid.
- Manual key lock - Batteries go out? Forget the code? No problem. The pistol vault can still be accessed using the unique four-sided key.
- External electrical contacts - Should the batteries fail or if the key is lost, pistol vaults include external electrical contacts that power the touchpad. (9V backup battery not included.)


- Body Thickness 14 Gauge
- Bolts 2
- Overall Weight 17 lbs. 0 oz.
- Dimensions 7.5" x 14.5" x 11"
- Paint Texture

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