Boker Knives 09BO071 BP Koppo Stick/So4Pro-K Titanm

Boker Knives 09BO071 BP Koppo Stick/So4Pro-K Titanm
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Product Description

Boker Knives 09BO071 BP Koppo Stick/So4Pro-K Titanm
Plus Fixed Knife The SO4PRO-K Pocket Sticks have been created by Rainer Wenning for Boker as an innovative version of the Koppo Sticks. They are developed both for defensive and medical purposes. Thus, the SO4PRO-Ks can also be applied for a reflexology foot massage, lymph drainage or in order to relieve muscle spasms. For the use as medical device, the innovative SO4PRO-Ks have been equipped with a strongly rounded off tip. Index and middle finger can easily be inserted in the middle of the stick, in order to simultaneously work and reach with the hand without the need to let go of the SO4PRO-K. This feature is also a benefit in a defensive situation as the SO4PRO-K is securely integrated in the hand and therefore secure from loss. A highly effective and versatile tool Solutions for professionals! This exclusive version is entirely made of grade 4 titanium.


- Overall Length 5 1/4"
- Diameter 0.55"
- Weight 3 1/2"
- Color Silver

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